Wednesday, March 16, 2005

My Time Waste Experiment

Scott Peterson will die. Robert Blake won't. We will drill in ANWR.

So what are people in the office concerned about these days? The NCAA tournament of course. I have little or no interest in this tournament. I really don't care who wins. The intricacies of the Southern Illinois/St. Mary’s game don't turn me on. However, the amazing amount of time people waste on this does. So I am going to run a little experiment. I have filled out two brackets. One where I actually tried to do well and one where I picked the higher seeds in every game. The intent is to see if wasting massive amounts of time on the picks does any good. For the final four, I went by end of season rank as the determinate for winners.

I recognize several flaws in this approach. The foremost being my own lack of expertise in basketball. However, the site that I am using shows how I do vs. other experts. I'll let you know how it turns out.