Monday, June 20, 2005

Bill Clinton Joins the ‘Close Gitmo’ Bandwagon

We knew it was coming, so here it is:

Clinton adds voice to criticism of Guantanamo

In an interview with the Financial Times, the former president called for the camp, set up to hold suspected terrorists, to “be closed down or cleaned up”.

Closing it down would be nothing short of stupid. Cleaned up? I’m wondering how Gitmo compares to the cave these terrorists came from. The sympathy for terrorists is coming from all over the left now.

Mr Clinton said the test for judging whether harsh treatment of terrorist suspects was justified was whether it challenged the “fundamental nature” of American society. If the answer is Yes, you have already given the terrorists a profound victory.”

Actually, it is the likes of left leaning politicians and pundits who have given terrorists a victory. I suspect the remaining Al Qaeda thugs not at Gitmo are laughing their heads off as American leaders blame American soldiers for terrorism. Coming from the man who passed up Osama Bin Laden, these words truly ring hollow.

In three or four cases, his own administration had resorted to a US law that allows suspected terrorists to be held beyond the normal length of time without trial, if bringing an indictment or trial would compromise intelligence sources.

Well, that’s the first I have heard of that. Hello pot, meet kettle.

“It sounds so reasonable but you're the guy that is in prison and you are not guilty, you could be held there three, four, five years and there has to be some limit to that,” he said.

Which leads to the obvious question…What if you are guilty? This is the first time I’ve heard anyone make the ‘not guilty’ argument for the terrorists at Guantanamo Bay. So what happens if we give them a trial and they are guilty? Anyone involved in planning 911 or other terrorist attacks will be executed. I continue to wonder why Democrats think that standing up for terrorist's rights is going to do the terrorists any good. I guess there is the possibility that some goat farmer got picked up while accidentally wandering into Tora Bora. But a trial will force the United States to shoot, hang, electrocute or inject a large number of the detainees. If you think ‘mishandling’ a Koran/Quran is abuse, wait until these guys face a trial. Speaking of Koran/Quran ‘mishandling’:

Fla. Suspects Allege Mishandling of Quran

Two men accused of supporting terrorism by recruiting Muslim extremists are seeking dismissal of the charges, alleging that jailers mishandled a Quran and conducted inappropriate searches of their cells.

Here we go again!

jailers disrespectfully tossed Hassoun's Quran on his bunk…

Well, let’s set him free then.

Jayyousi, a U.S. citizen and former assistant superintendent of Detroit public schools, has been in isolation since he was arrested in March and transferred to Miami.

It occurs to me that Detroit should probably review their hiring practices.

…accused of conspiring in the 1990s to raise money and recruit Muslim extremists to fight in Bosnia, Kosovo, Chechnya and Somalia. They allegedly recruited Jose Padilla, a former Chicago gang member and Muslim convert who is held by the United States as an enemy combatant.

I got to watch the Pentagon burn first hand. I found it very offensive. Why doesn’t Bill Clinton or Amnesty International stand up for me for once?

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