Wednesday, August 24, 2005

JP Morgan Chase Solicits 'Palestinian Bomber'

I was just about to go to bed when I ran across the following:

Credit Card Letter Addressed 'Dear Palestinian Bomber'

Disclaimer: I do not support offensive material to anyone whatsoever, unless it is an American Indian sports mascot. The following is a slap at ABC News. I find it hilarious that this made their website. Some of the details are pretty funny too.

Officials at JP Morgan Chase have apologized and promised to improve their screening policies, after a credit card solicitation letter sent to a 54-year-old naturalized American citizen came addressed to "Palestinian Bomber."

Habbas is a naturalized U.S. citizen of Palestinian heritage.

Someone pulled a nasty joke on you my friend.

…he has lived in the United States for 51 years and also served in the U.S. Army, receiving an honorable discharge in 1969.

Sounds like a decent guy to me.

Habbas was even more shocked when, on several occasions, he said he called an 800-number for JP Morgan Chase and spoke to operators in an effort to complain. Each time, he says the operators called up his information on a computer but apparently didn't catch on. According to Habbas, "The operators always said, 'Yes, Mr. Palestinian Bomber, how can we help you?' "

Alright, something is definitely flawed, and I would have complained too. But upon hearing that greeting, I think I might have been floored with laughter.

CAIR denounced the Chase letter as "racist" and asked JP Morgan Chase to launch an investigation, conduct sensitivity training and issue a formal apology to Habbas.

Well, I was with him until the foremost American terrorism apologist group got involved. I don’t know about the sensitivity training, but the rest seems reasonable. Sensitivity training punishes everyone who had nothing to do with it, and probably creates more hostility towards the victim than any kind of 'sensitivity'. The very word 'sensitivity' sets me off these days. I would prefer that they just call it 'collective punishment for someone's royal screw up'. At least that would be honest.

The incident comes on the heels of last week's announcement by Comcast that two customer service representatives in Chicago were fired after they changed a woman's name to "Bitch Dog" on her bill. She had repeatedly complained about bad service.

Three Cheers for automation!

What is most pathetic is that ABC sees an offensive computer glitch and bad oversight as news. I thought I was reading the Onion at first. It was certainly worth a laugh.