Thursday, October 20, 2005

Rove Innocent

Nice. An entire article on the great Plame scandal with almost no information.

Libby possibly sought out reporters in CIA leak

Or, ‘possibly’, he didn’t.

And in a new twist, presidential political adviser Karl Rove has testified that it’s possible Libby was his source before Rove talked to two reporters about the CIA operative.

Does this absolve Rove? It won’t be half as much fun if Rove isn’t the target. It seems Judith Miller has hit on the main point of the story.

Miller said this week that she never wrote a story about Wilson’s wife because “it wasn’t that important to me. I was focused on the main question: Was our WMD intelligence slanted?”

And of course, the scandalous attack by Joe Wilson and his overt wife on the President is completely ignored. What a retread. The 'evidence' presented by Joe Wilson was a pack of lies.