Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Prince William County Boycotts the Boycott

I think I’ll go local this week. Now this is funny.

Vigil held to protest resolution

For those not in the know, Prince William County and Loudoun County in Northern Virginia have taken on the burden of illegal immigration contol that was recently shucked away by the feds. Now the illegal immigrant community (yes, there is one) and those residents and businesses that support them have actually gone racist, and decided to boycott non-hispanic businesses.

"We hope, our family hopes that the immigrant community will come out and show their economic strength this week during the boycott," said Trest, whose business has declined by 30 to 40 percent at the family's laundromats in Dumfries and Woodbridge since the board proposed the resolution in July.

Trest spoke at a press conference organized by Mexicans Without Borders at the Chinn Park Regional Library on Monday.

Now for the funny part. Not only has the boycott had no effect on Prince William County, but those that do not support unfettered illegal immigration and live in Fairfax County are travelling to Prince William to shop and break the boycott. In addition, the county administrator, Corey Stewart, is urging those residents that do not support illegal immigration to boycott those business that support the original boycott. Talk about overplaying your hand. They should change their organization to Mexicans Without Supporters.

Prince William official fires back at boycott

But Stewart is urging community members who support the new policies to avoid stores and restaurants that support the immigrants.

The illegal ones that is...

Needless to say, TSW supports the boycott of the boycott. At least someone, somewhere, is doing something.