Thursday, November 06, 2008

Why Conservatives Should Be Happy Obama Won

1. Obama won as the result of some conservative promises. He promised tax cuts and strength in Afghanistan. Of course, if he doesn't give 95% of us our cash, there are going to be many unhappy moderate types. However, Democrats normally get a pass on promise breaking. Bill Clinton ran on middle class tax cuts, raised taxes instead, and everyone turned their heads. George H. W. Bush was lambasted with 'Read My Lips'. It will be interesting to see if the double standard holds when Obama backs out.

2. McCain lost by running to the center. He never had the left. He lost the center with the stock market crash. He lost the right promising free money for loan defaulters. Let that be a lesson.

3. Black voters might be more able to vote their opinions rather than their race, following the Obama years. I don't think there will be a mass conversion to the Republican Party, but perhaps they will feel more a part of the system, allowing them to vote their opinions. Surely the entire race isn't actually liberal. As a side note, Jesse Jackson is out of business.

4. This was a house cleaning for the Republican Party. Those that have survived the bloodletting will be stronger for it.

5. Even with the unrestrained hatred for Bush, the credit crisis, a bad candidate (though a good man), an incredibly strong opponent flush with cash, and a media which provided free advertising for Obama for a year, 56 million people still voted for the Republican. Let me tell you, anyone who voted for McCain was not a moderate or undecided. That's the base 'my friends'. A 56 million person base is nothing to shake a stick at. We can only hope that the unhinged left comes completely unglued in their glee over the next 2 years. Bring on 2010 baby!