Thursday, March 24, 2005

Last Rights

It’s all but over and I promise this is the last I will speak of it. Terri Schiavo is almost finished. You can talk all you want about states rights, humane death and brain death. The bottom line is that a woman who cannot in any way speak for herself is about to suffer a state sponsored death sanction. I would rather we just bring in Dr. Kevorkian than do what we are doing (and yes I mean we, as in you, me and everyone).

If I hear someone else bring up states rights I think I’m going to explode. I wonder how full of states rights they were during the civil rights movement. These people will jump right off the states rights issue once this is over. I've even heard someone bring up the cost to tax payers. I'm against using tax money for just about anything. I can make an exception in this case.

And why all of the passion to kill her? I can understand it on the ‘let her live’ side from the whole spectrum, from holy rollers to people like me that just think this stinks. But the ‘let her die’ side is just as passionate, if not more. What’s wrong with people. Even if you think this is the right course, what do you lose if she lives? An argument?

Every judge that reviewed this and ruled against her, other than the first one, Judge Greer, is a coward. They never looked at her case, and only looked at procedure. Judge Greer is just a twisted individual for ruling this way in the first place.

And to compare it to the death penalty is just as dishonest. If Terry Schiavo had gunned down a cop, I would be all for this course of action.

The idea that we will starve someone to death based on the word of someone with a vested interest in her death is unbelievable. All of those in favor of death talk of how nice death by dehydration and starvation are. They then turn around and talk about how her cerebral cortex is gone. Well, if it’s gone, and she’s a vegetable, why all the concern about the humaneness of starvation?

Everyone who can read knows that Terri Schiavo is not what she was. No one knows for sure what exactly she is. Why not let her live, just in case? If she’s really brain dead, it won’t bother her to be alive.

I promise not to do this again.