Friday, May 20, 2005

Pelosi Blames Bush for False Newsweek Story

I had to read her statement twice to confirm that I had interpreted it correctly. I don’t speak Pelosi very well, though I have been trying to learn the language for a couple of years now.

Pelosi Statement on Newsweek Article

“For months, photographs of tortured prisoners and inappropriate interrogation techniques have made headlines throughout the world. There is evidence that indicates that some of these practices were sanctioned at much higher levels in the Bush Administration than the punishments thus far imposed would suggest.”

It amazes me how some representatives act as if they represent a foreign country. For you kids out there, Ms. Pelosi happens to be an important member of the US House of Representatives. If she has such suspicions, she should take up the cause. Start an investigation.

Which country are you representing? Hop on a plane down to Gitmo and look for yourself. Ask a prison guard. They work for you.

But that will never happen. It takes a no amount of courage to level a charge. Once you establish yourself as a fanatic, it is possible to level such charges against the President (of the United States for the un-informed) knowing full well that your words will be blown off by your own party and ignored by the main stream media. Anyone else that points out your lunacy can be labeled as infringing on the 1st Amendment. If that doesn’t work, call them a Nazi.

But her suspicion isn’t what this is about. Ms. Nancy just needs a sound bite. It’s pathetic that she must degrade our soldiers again to get it. In the words of Tom Daschle, “I’m saddened”. I would be outraged, but I’m getting so used to these types of statements from Pelosi, Reid and Dean that I just can’t get myself worked up about it.

"The failure of the House to fully investigate these matters only ensures that we will continue to pay the price for the outrages at Abu Ghraib for many years to come."

I realize this is the obligatory Abu Ghraib reference, but it should be highlighted.

So let’s summarize: Bush commanded his Department of Defense to torture and humiliate terrorists at Gitmo. Coincidentally, Newsweek published an innocent story about Koran (or Quran – whichever doesn’t offend you) flushing that is probably true but cannot be verified yet. Rumors of such have been printed in left wing media outlets for a couple of years, so it must be true. In any case, Newsweek should feel bad and not do it again, but Bush should feel really bad because his government sponsored torture program made the terrorists angry in the first place and caused them to overreact. Bush also made the story so plausible that Newsweek was almost justified in believing one anonymous source. Thus, the whole debacle is the fault of the Bush Administration.

I think that sums it up. Please let me know if I missed anything.

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