Saturday, June 25, 2005

China's Hostile Takeover of US Security

We are a naive nation indeed.

Lawmakers seek review of bid for Unocal

At least 41 lawmakers have signed a letter to President Bush requesting a tough review of an $18.5 billion takeover bid for Unocal Corp., the nation's ninth-largest oil and gas company, by a Chinese state-controlled energy producer, a news report said Saturday.

Forget the review. How about a big, resounding ‘NO’.

members of Congress "are very concerned" about the all-cash bid unveiled Wednesday by CNOOC Ltd.

The lawmakers' letter does not say they will propose legislation, and their number falls well short of a voting bloc that could pass a bill in the House.

Why not some legislation stating that no US incorporated firm may be owned by the Communist Government of China? That seems simple enough. How about a law stating that no US incorporated firm may be owned by any country with ICBMs pointed at us. Why are we fattening the Chinese Army which we will most likely have to confront at some point in the future? Did we learn nothing from the War in the Pacific?

If Unocal accepts CNOOC's bid, the deal's fate may hinge on how a secretive U.S. review panel defines "national security," Reuters reported Friday.

Well if putting our energy resources in the hands of the Chicomms isn’t a national security concern, then nothing qualifies. We might as well do away with the military, open the borders and declare ourselves open for the taking.

CNOOC's unsolicited bid comes amid record oil prices, unease over China's $160 billion trade surplus with the United States and concerns about its growing military might.

You don’t say. It is beyond me how our government could allow this to happen. I am getting worn very thin by the lack of security concern in this country. How many issues does it seem that American citizens are just banging their heads against the wall and getting no government attention? Immigration, the The War on Terror and China should be our highest security concerns, not just Iraq. Not to take away from that issue, but what is the point in liberating Iraq if we are going to give away our own country to China?

Before the partisans blame Bush remember that this has been going on for decades. Clinton handed over some nice missile technology to China which they immediately implemented into their ICBM capability and pointed back at us. Nixon decided to forsake a functioning democracy in Taiwan to please a China that we had just been to war with two decades prior. Why does no one address our outrageous trade deficit with China? How much frustration can the American people endure before someone takes notice? What is the threshold? Does it take an actual military conflict for someone to act?

These are the same nationalistic fanatics that knocked down our P3 and held its crew, and then expressed outrage that the P3 was able to bump their MiG. These are the same fanatics which sent us to the brink of war in 1996 by firing ballistic missiles at the coast of Taiwan. These are the same fanatics which declare half of the Pacific as their own, and are simply biding their time to strengthen up before they take it back.

What does it take for someone to stand up and take notice? Sadly, I think I know the answer. Money.