Wednesday, August 24, 2005

She's Back

Cindy Sheehan returned to Crawford Texas today to continue her roadside protest against President Bush’s vacation.

Peace Mom' Returns to Texas War Protest

"This is where I belong, until Aug. 31, like I told the president," Sheehan said at the airport before driving about 20 miles to the Crawford site.

That’s only a week away. And I thought this was going to be something substantial. To make this more interesting, we now have converging anti-Bush movements.

Among those defending Sheehan are former U.S. ambassador Joseph Wilson, who believes that his wife's identity as an undercover CIA operative was leaked in retaliation for his criticism of the Bush administration in a 2002 New York Times op-ed piece.

I will give Ms. Sheehan this much. Though she is misguided, at least she has a legitimate reason to be upset. In contrast, Joe Wilson was prompted only by partisanship to abuse his own position, as well as that of his wife, to write a taxpayer funded hatchet piece on George Bush in the run up to the 2004 election campaign.

"The Bush White House and its right-wing allies are responding to Cindy Sheehan and the military families' vigil in central Texas in the same way that they always respond to bad news by unleashing personal attacks and smears against her," Wilson said in a statement released Wednesday.

It could not be more clear that Wilson was nothing more than a political hack that succeeded in flying low enough under the radar to get a CIA funded trip. I suspect that Wilson and Sheehan do have one thing in common. I am willing to wager that both eventually write a book.

As far as Bush and his ‘right-wing allies’ go, all I have heard out of the White House has been a few comments stating that he does not agree with Sheehan. First Joan Baez, now Joe Wilson. Strike up the band.