Saturday, February 04, 2006

Even the Left Understands Sheehan has Lost It

It seems even the San Francisco Chronicle, or at least one of its writers, sees Cindy Sheehan for what she is. I wish they would keep it quiet. They’re going to ruin our fun.


And so I say with all love: Cindy, back away from the fame machine.

Don’t you know that without therapy, that’s impossible for Cindy? She’s addicted and has come to love herself too much. To steal a thought from Clint Eastwood, she’s a legend in her own mind.

And when things move too fast, you become a sock puppet, and easy to make fun of, and that hurts -- you, me, the cause, whatever.

Well it’s pretty darn good for me!

So somewhere, I think, Cindy Sheehan bought into the Cindy Sheehan myth.

You think?

What's Cindy Sheehan doing with Hugo Chavez? Yeah, she's a citizen, she can be where she likes, but whatever she does right now is real public. This just in: Hugo Chavez is not a nice guy.

And knowing this, Mr. Carroll still supports her?

Now Cindy Sheehan is talking about running for senator against Dianne Feinstein. That is such a bad idea.

It’s beautiful! Don’t screw with a good thing.

There's stuff that Cindy Sheehan could do right now. There are boatloads of veterans' issues, from stop-loss policies to inadequate body armor to stress-related mental illness -- they all need attention.

I must always point out how ridiculous it is when some lefty begins to care about defense issues such as body armor. The whole, ‘we need more body armor’ movement is nothing but a weak shot at the President. Does anyone think that Dems were hot on the body armor trail prior to the media ‘body armor campaign’? Cindy Sheehan sticking her two cents in on any issue is bad for that issue. She is not a veteran’s advocate. She is a left wing loon and nothing more.

By the way, the Sheehan for Senate site is down today. I hope it wasn't deleted.