Wednesday, April 13, 2005

AP Helps China Defend Human Rights Record

China is defending its human rights record. Well, who can blame it. Even as the Chinese whine about Japanese actions 60 years ago, and claim that most of the Pacific is Chinese territorial waters, they continue to abuse human rights on an enormous scale. But these facts are nothing new. It’s this article from the Associated Press that bothers me. Shall we dissect it?

China Defends Human Rights Record

First phrase of the story:

Stung by complaints of religious and human rights abuses…

Complaints?! I guess nothing is actually documented.

Beijing has issued a series of such reports in recent years, trying to deflect complaints that it mistreats dissidents, labor and religious groups, ethnic minorities and others.

Ahh, more complaints. Those pesky complainers.

It cited official promises to increase the public's role in government by holding nonpartisan elections for low-level posts and creating a structure for the public to petition China's largely powerless national and local legislatures.

Translation: Communists only can run for Dog Catcher.

The government has promised repeatedly to make courts more responsive to public needs, to stamp out widespread corruption among court officials and to stop torture and other police abuses.

Very generous of them to stop torture.

The report insisted that the "legitimate rights" of religious believers and ethnic minorities are protected.


On Tuesday, two U.S.-based groups accused Beijing of trying to "stifle Islam" in its northwestern region of Xinjiang, where it worries that religion is linked to anti-government sentiment.

The report by Human Rights Watch and Human Rights in China said there have been "vast increases" in the numbers of Muslim Uighurs imprisoned in Xinjiang for independent religious activity.

The Chinese government hasn't responded to that report.

Americans defending Islam! Who’da thunk it. Even if it is HRW.

Way to go AP for really shining a light on the problem.

In Sports:
Nats Plow Braves

Washington 11, Atlanta 4

Cox was tossed when he continued to complain while standing on the dugout steps after the third out.

``I thought the pitch was a strike,'' Cox said. ``It cost us two runs at the start of the game.''

Cox left the dugout but said he continued to manage after he was tossed. Asked if that is allowed, Cox said ``Nope. I just manage the game downstairs. It's not a problem. It's easy. Everybody does it.''

Get em Bobby! I'm glad this series is over. No more cheering for two teams at once.