Saturday, April 02, 2005

Party In Arizona

Disclaimer: I know that the Pope passed and I am sure he is in good hands. But every Blog, News, and Home Cooking site is talking about it, so I doubt there is much I can add.

Volunteers to Patrol Arizona-Mexico Border

Quote of the Day"

"We want (migrants) to know we'll be on alert to make sure their human rights are not violated," said Arturo Salinas, Mexico's assistant interior secretary.

Well perhaps if your army didn't violate international laws by participating in cross border drug trafficing and illegal immigration activities, we wouldn't have to worry about it! No one can blame the impoverished for not wanting to be impoverished. The Mexican Government holds the most blame. Besides the corruption that has ruined the Mexican economy, the government actively participates in these illegal activities. In essense, it has created the situation which drives people to leave and then facilitates their leaving.

That does not mean that our own politicians are blameless. And yes, Bush included. Talk about an elephant in the closet. It's more of a Mastodon. Laws are in place in part to deter citizens from participating in mob rules. But when politicians refuse to confront an issue that is obviously on the front burner in the minds of its citizens, what do they expect is going to happen?

But lucky for the illegals, the 'American' Civil Liberties Union will be there to protect Mexican civil liberties.

ACLU to keep tabs on protest

In Sports:
DC United 2, Chivas USA 0