Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Amnesty Blames America for Everything!

Amnesty International has come to the conclusion that every bad thing that happens is the fault of the United States and George W. Bush. They have a lot in common with the DNC.

Amnesty slams U.S. on human rights

‘human rights are in retreat worldwide and the United States bears most responsibility, rights watchdog Amnesty International said on Wednesday.’

Oh those nasty Americans. All atrocities in the World rest at the feet of the United States.

"The USA as the unrivalled political, military and economic hyper-power sets the tone for governmental behavior worldwide," Secretary General Irene Khan said

Hyper-power? A little Ritalin should take care of that.

"During his first term in office, the USA proved to be far from the global human rights champion it proclaimed itself to be," the report said, citing Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo Bay.

So its back to Abu Ghraib. I think they stole this line from Barbara Streisand.

"The human rights abuses in Iraq and Afghanistan were far from being the only negative repercussions of the response to the terrible events of Sept. 11, 2001.

"Since that day, the framework of international human rights standards has been attacked and undermined by both governments and armed groups," Amnesty said.

Finally, Amnesty International has wrapped up every atrocity in the world and delivered the entire package to the American doorstep. We’ve known they thought this for years. Every tyrant, dictator and warlord in the world has been absolved of responsibility. America did it! And by extension, Bush did it! Like little children following the example of the eldest brother. If only America had not responded to 911, there would be no human rights violation. Better yet, if America didn’t exist, all would be right in the world.

The results of the Amnesty Report were published in every major newspaper in the country, unlike the comments of Linda Foley, President of the Newspaper Guild, in which she said:

"It's not just U.S. journalists either, by the way. They target and kill journalists from other countries, particularly Arab countries, at news services like Al Jazeera, for example. They actually target them and blow up their studios, with impunity."

I think she has a future working for Amnesty as head of the anti-American division.

On to other things; I found this interesting. It is at the bottom of the column:

Jewish drawl (Washington Times Account Required)

We hadn't realized the historic bond between the Jewish population and the state of South Carolina until the House this week passed a resolution introduced by a Southern congressman honoring the 57th anniversary of Israel's independence.

Rep. Joe Wilson, South Carolina Republican, relates these little-known facts: South Carolina was home to the largest Jewish population in North America at the time of the American Revolution; its provincial constitution was the first to recognize Judaism as being equal to Christianity; the first election of a Jew to public office in North America was in South Carolina; and the first Jewish fatality of the American Revolution was a patriot from South Carolina.

In Sports:

Nats 3, Reds 12
Nats get swept, the slide continues.