Monday, June 27, 2005

Beijing Preparing for War

I know, I know. I couldn’t stay away.

Bill Gertz is probably the best open source on the Chinese military buildup in the US Press. Today he gave a good outline of the ruthlessness of Red China’s efforts and preparations to battle the United States.

Beijing devoted to weakening 'enemy' U.S., defector says

China's communist leaders view the United States as their main enemy and are working in Asia and around the world to undermine U.S. alliances, said a former Chinese diplomat.

China also is engaged in large-scale intelligence-gathering activities in the United States that, in the past, netted large amounts of confidential U.S. government documents from agents.

"The United States is considered by the Chinese Communist Party as the largest enemy, the major strategic rival," Mr. Chen told The Washington Times

"I know that China once got a heavy load of confidential documents from the United States and sent it back to China through the Cosco ship," Mr. Chen said, referring to the state-owned China Ocean Shipping Co.

Does anyone remember when Cosco tried to buy Long Beach Naval Station? Anyone still think it is a good idea to sell Unocal to China? Does anyone realize that China owns both ends of the Panama Canal?

The Chinese also send political police abroad to monitor overseas Chinese and others in North America who Beijing considers opponents of the regime, he said.

“The goal is to force Australia to become part of a China-dominated "grand neighboring region" in Asia and to "force a wedge between the U.S. and Australia,"

I believe the South Koreans will eventually throw their lot in with the ChiComms, perhaps staying neutral in any conflict. We are currently moving forces out of Korea as a result. Australia is safe, as is Japan.

On China's military buildup, Mr. Chen said Beijing is following the strategy of former leader Deng Xiaoping, who urged China to "bide our time, build our capabilities" -- military as well as economic and political. "What that means is that when the day is mature, the Chinese government will strike back," he said.

And I can assure you that is exactly what they are doing.

"Once any serious civil disobedience occurs, the government may call for a war across the Taiwan Strait to gather [political] strength from people."

I’m not sure if I would agree with that. Uniting the people in common cause is one thing, but going to war with the United States does not help Chinese leaders, if their intention is to stay in power. China will, one day, attack Taiwan, but not as a means to control unrest. More likely they just want to acquire the island.

Though the situation is bleak, the Bush administration has apparently made at least one move to put the breaks on the Chinese buildup.

China Scolds U.S. for Blocking Israeli Arms Sale (Account Required)

Accusing the Bush administration of "carping" and "outside interference," China issued a sharp complaint Monday after Israel cancelled a controversial Israeli-Chinese arms deal under pressure from the United States.

So Sowwy.

As described in Jerusalem, the agreement also means the Harpy components that China sent to Israel last summer for modification will not be returned.

I don’t know what Israel’s motivation for making this deal was, but the President and Congress threatened to halt any further arms sales to Israel if it had gone through. In addition, the Japanese have taken the SDF out of their armed forces and are calling it an army again. Things are beginning to set up for a major confrontation, perhaps a decade away. The strategy of integrating China into the World in an effort to dilute their zeal and make them dependent on capitalism has backfired. They have perfected capitalism minus democracy and are exploiting it as a tool in a major buildup of their armed forces.

The next generation will have to pick up the fight since today we have our heads stuck in the sand. My hope is that they have more stomach for it than we do, as half of our country is now ready to turn tail and run from a minor conflict in Iraq. If we, as a people, can’t handle the low grade warfare of our current conflict, how are we going to step up when a real war is at our doorstep? I suspect our will in Iraq will be monitored very closely and will play a role in any Chinese plan to engage the United States militarily.

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