Thursday, September 22, 2005

Post Peace Puff Piece

The Washington Post takes its usual anti-Bush stance in a puff piece that could have been written by Michael Moore, extolling the virtues of the fringe left march on Washington. If ever anyone thought that the peace movement was a fad, the following article ought to solidify that belief. There is no substance. Just more rambling from a gaggle of has-been 60ish peaceniks pining for the days of the Dead and the Groovy Van.

Peace by Pieces

hey knock down doors to start wars / With hands stained by the blood of foreign sands

Sheer brilliance! That line rivals Chuck D.

Vietnam? The unquiet ghost, the untamed analogy, is loose in the air.

Yep, the boomer protesters are back. Goody gum drops.

Cindy Sheehan, the movement's own Mother Courage, commands the kind of obsessive cable coverage usually lavished on titillating crimes.

What bad luck, getting pre-empted twice by the weather. Mother Courage can't compete with Mother Nature.

Seeking to capitalize on the momentum, Cagan's United for Peace and Justice and the ANSWER Coalition have organized a rally and encirclement of the White House on Saturday morning that they hope will draw 100,000.

Even Farrakhan mustered more than that. A protest of 100,000 in DC could best be labelled as average. Reading this article does engender thoughts of a movement, just not the kind that Sheehan has in mind.

"I think the depression and malaise that followed not being able to stop the war and not being able to do anything after the election has shifted," Steele says, "and people who felt deflated and defeated are now coming together in recognition that we can do something and we are doing something."

The depression that she speaks of is one thing and one thing only. The depression resulting from the 2004 election. Those comments clearly show the 'movement' is simply the same lefties with a new complaint. Last time I checked, the counter-insurgency was still in full swing.

The attempt to cause America to fail in the Iraqi conflict is sad. Someone let the Post know it’s not 1970. The 'movement' is misnamed. It should be called the ‘Lose Movement’, as that is the entire purpose of this exercise. The herds of spineless minions unable to see a fairly minor conflict through to the end only serve to show our enemies that some in the American public have no backbone to wage any sort of armed conflict when the necessity arises. Let’s hope we never have one.

What is especially disgusting to me is that the fuel that motivates this tribe is all political. This is Bush hatred and nothing more. I would be willing to wager that less than 5% of the unwashed hoards that will grace our fine city voted for Bush in 2000. So be it. The more the American populace gets to take a look at the fringe left, the better it is in the long run. Leaving Iraq now would be the single most idiotic foreign policy blunder the US could possibly make. Of course, seeing America fail is the intent.

There is more good news. We will get the Joan Baez trio after all.

That will be followed by Operation Ceasefire, an 11-hour concert featuring Joan Baez, Steve Earle, Thievery Corporation and the Coup. United for Peace and Justice is planning more antiwar activities for Sunday and Monday.

I’m wondering when these folks might attempt winning an election rather than shooting for air time. In any case, all eyes are turning towards Rita. That and several great football games will render the legion of smell basically ignored, even with the Washington Post cheerleading section in full gear.