Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Welcome to 'Biotown'

Readers of this site may remember our discussion about the renewable pee powered battery. I suggested that pee powered autos weren’t too far away. Well, I was close.

Indiana town to turn stinking hog manure into power

They cannot escape the stench, but residents of tiny Reynolds, Indiana, hope the oceans of hog manure produced nearby will power their homes and businesses some day soon.

Indiana's energy conservation-minded Gov. Mitch Daniels will take his ethanol-powered recreational vehicle to Reynolds on Tuesday to designate the single stoplight town the world's first "Biotown."

This brings back memories of that 'Mad Max' movie with Tina Turner in it, though I believe they used a different phrase for manure.

"The goal is to create a new use for the manure that's surrounding the town -- as a biofuel,"

He added: "And they're talking about using our own (human) waste as a renewable resource."

Remember where you heard it first!

Side note: I happened to do a Yahoo search on the title of this article, just to see where it had been re-published. When searching on the words ‘Indiana town to turn stinking hog manure into power’ the first hit that comes up, at least as of 5:54 pm, is:

The Democratic Party

Now that’s hilarious! I guess the combination of keywords hog, manure and power did it. I doubt it was Indiana.