Friday, September 02, 2005

New Orleans Falls Apart

So, I go on my first vacation in 5 years and New Orleans drops into the third world. I should have known better.

This is going to be one whale of an issue. Nothing good will come of it. The blame game has already started. Jesse Jackson is at the podium. Hugo Chavez is using it as well. In fact, the two of them have set up a tag team.

I know that the taste for using American military on American soil is low, but it occurs to me that dropping some airborne units into New Orleans might do wonders for the situation.

There is a lot of blame to go around, but before we all turn this into a political issue, let's just say that no individual is to blame. This is a collective failure. If the dikes in New Orleans (the ones that hold back water) were built to withstand a cat 3 hurricane, and hurricanes range up to a category of 5, then whomever came up with that idea needs to take a remedial math class. I have to admit, it was not in the forefront of my own thoughts. Who sits around wondering if the levy will break in New Orleans? I guess someone should have.

I am just getting back on track after my vacation and will have my thoughts more organized soon. If there is one tiny sliver of light in this mess, it is that it may add some perspective to our nations thinking. Cindy Sheehan has finally been thrown off of the front pages. I can't find one shark story either. I didn't see any sharks on my vacation by the way. There was one whale sighting, but nothing worth reporting really.