Thursday, August 25, 2005

The 'Anti-Victory' Express Heads to DC

The Cindy Sheehan sponsored protest against the President’s vacation is preparing to go on the road.

Cindy Sheehan planning anti-war bus tour

A fallen soldier's mother said Thursday that the anti-war vigil she started nearly three weeks ago near President Bush's ranch won't end when she and other protesters pack up their camp next week.

This is very good news for the President. Sympathy for Ms. Sheehan has worn off for most of us. The greater the number of fanatical moonbats paraded on TV, the better for Republicans. I doubt many Americans are rooting for our defeat in Iraq, and that is exactly what these people are proposing.

"I am not alone," she said at a news conference Thursday.

I wonder if the Joe Wilson/Joan Baez duet will make the trip.

"I absolutely think it's worthwhile because we've galvanized the peace movement," she said. "We've started people talking about the war again."

Yes, no one was talking about it prior to Cindy Sheehan. Wake up! All we have heard for two years has been the war. Cindy Sheehan is obviously self-absorbed and enjoying her own celebrity. And it is not the ‘Peace Movement’. It is the Defeat Movement. A true peace movement would be advocating victory, for that is the only way that peace will be achieved.

In other non-news:

Shark Attack #1 continues to make the ‘news’.

Man Said to Fight Off Shark Before Dying

A marine biologist killed in a shark attack had calmly fought off the predator before it returned and pulled him deep into the water, his diving partner said Thursday.

I find it amazing how some deaths are simply considered more sexy by the media than others. War and shark attacks get the nod. One only needs to compare Iraq vs Tsunami coverage to see it. Traffic accidents and heart attacks get completely ignored. I suppose that if the media could have blamed the Tsunami on Bush, we would still be hearing about it. They tried, as I recall, but since no one bit, they let it go.

I happened to find the AP article from a couple of months ago that set the table for this year’s shark drama.

Expect summer shark attacks, experts say

Shark attacks increase in the summer when the large predators swim closer to shore and tourists flock to the water, ...according to a trio of shark scholars.

Okay, I’m no shark scholar, but I think I could have figured out that shark attacks increase when people are in the water. There are exceptions, of course…

I think I'm showing my age.

Update: 11:15 pm

It gets worse. We now have the Cindy Sheehan of Shark Attacks!

Don't hunt shark, say missing diver's parents

"Jarrod was doing exactly what he wanted to do. He loved the sea, loved anything to do with water, boats, and helping out other people," Stehbens' distraught father David said.

I expect a protest camp to be set up in Canberra within the week calling for peace in the ongoing campaign against the sharks.