Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Rabid Left Starving for Attention

Jane Fonda’s anti-America tour has been cancelled due to lack of popular demand.

Fonda Puts Brakes on Bus Tour

‘…she said that she didn't want to distract people from Cindy Sheehan's bus trip, which is already under way and gathering support.’

She has to be kidding. It must hurt to play third fiddle. First of all, no on cares about the Cindy Sheehan anti-America tour as the public’s attention is where it should be, on saving the victims of Katrina. So, the competition for the rabid anti-American left is too great for Fonda. Why not just join the Sheehan bus ride to nowhere? I think a Jane Fonda/Joan Baez duet would be much better than a Baez/Joe Wilson sing along. And why not drag George Galloway along for the ride? We could have a regular hate fest, featuring some old stand-bys in Fonda and Baez, yet combined with the new ‘hate-America’ crowd in Sheehan, Galloway and Wilson.

Though Sheehan is certainly within her rights to be distraught over her son’s death, the rest of the hangers-ons are clearly not upset by casualties so much as ready to seize a political opportunity. I’m not sure that Sheehan herself has not crossed over into that territory. Fonda, Galloway, Wilson and the gang are just opportunists. Each of them is simply scratching a political itch, gaining attention for themselves in the process. I have taken a lot of heat for comparing war casualties counts to auto accident deaths so as to highlight how misplaced all of that rage is (the ratio is 40:1 for those that care). Mother Nature now makes the point much better than I ever could. Yet, the show must go on. Ride Cindy Ride. Ignore the crickets.