Saturday, October 29, 2005

A Few Thoughts

Just a few parting thoughts on the Wilson, Wilson, Libby, Rove, WMD, Iraq mess. I'm going to leave this alone for a few days unless something new comes out.

There is one last nagging question that really bothers me. Joe Wilson knew his wife was in the CIA. He knew his wife, at a minimum, recommended him for the trip. He took it upon himself to thrash the President publically during an election campaign, using less than accurate information. To play the wounded bird following such actions is laughable. Did he honestly think that no one would find out? Mrs. Wilson should have stayed as far away from the situation as possible. As a public servant, especially one with any sort of classified status, she should not have gotten involved. It seems to me to be incredibly poor judgement from a career standpoint.

Wilson had come to his conclusion before he ever set foot in Niger. Others, besides his wife, were involved in sending him there to complete his hatchet job, but we will probably never know who they are.

Lying in front of Congress, to a Grand Jury, to the FBI, to a Special prosecutor, or even to a cop can not be tolerated, whether the original cause was justified or not. Niether can lying to the Senate Intelligence Committee.

Democrats are overplaying this in a way that is going to damage them come election time. As usual, their only strategy is attack Republicans, not offer an alternative. But that is fine, as it gives me ammo to smack them around with. Ultimately, this whole incident is bad for all of us.

The media's role in this affair has been pathetic. Its not as though conservatives needed any confirmation that the vast majority were biased left, but this incident caused some of the media to give up any pretext of objectivity. Maybe we should just accept that our main stream press has become completely tabloid now.

I believe that Bush truly believed that Saddam Hussein had WMD. The UN, all of Europe, and everyone else that voted to go to Iraq believed it as well. WMD alone, was not the reason we went to Iraq. Bush and his advisors certainly erred by emphasizing WMD as part of the justification for war. That was a monumental mistake. But the fact that partisans key in on that one chapter in the decades before 2003 does not make it so. Saddam, and Saddam alone, caused the war. The World is better off without him.

Note: I invite debate and disagreement on these boards. I can get down in the dirt with the best of them. There are many that disagree with me and come here to debate, some of whom believe I am a complete fruitcake, which is fine. But trying to dominate my boards and throwing profanity at me will get you banned.