Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Oh So Naive

Another stunning example of the irrational left. Note the media insistance on calling this a 'Christian' group, rather than labelling them as the leftist peace activists that they are.

The link from the front page states that a...

Christian group pleads for hostages' lives

The group, which has been stressing its opposition to "the invasion and occupation of Iraq," said in its statement that while it does not support kidnapping, it does not condemn the kidnappers for their actions.

"Perhaps you are men who only want to raise the issue of illegal detention. We don't know what you may have endured."

And, as if they wish to drive home the point that they are clueless to the nature of the terrorists, they state that the group...

...wants to be a "force that counters all the resentment, the fear, the intimidation felt by the Iraqi people.

we appeal to your humanity...