Sunday, November 27, 2005

A Comedy Troupe in Crawford

Bring on the contortionist. This is getting pathetic.

Few Attend Dueling Rallies at Bush Ranch

…about 200 people rallied around Cindy Sheehan in a continuation of California woman's summer protest against the war that claimed her son.

A real people power movement there.

Some 20 demonstrators also stood in a ditch beside the other checkpoint about a mile away…

A ditch seems appropriate.

"We have both of his exits covered," said Sheehan…

Someone should let them know of the invention of the helicopter approximately six decades ago.

"We are exercising our patriotic duty to dissent," she said.

Well, we do have a constitutional right to be delusional I guess.

Both sides attributed Saturday's low turnout to the holiday weekend and rainy weather.

Or, perhaps, America’s recognition of the fact that Sheehan is advocating a simple political position, not expressing some concern for Iraqis or American troops.

The day's biggest demonstration in Crawford turned out to be one involving about 500 Americans from Ethiopia, which has experienced political unrest and violence since the disputed May election.

Now that’s just funny.