Monday, November 14, 2005

Jacques Speaks

Jacques Chirac finally speaks up following two weeks of uncontrolled bedlam around France.

Chirac vows firm action on unrest

"We will respond by being firm, by being fair and by being faithful to the values of France," Chirac said

Translation: We will keep our head in the sand, implement more government programs, and blame America.

Chirac called for calm, urged people to rally together and said the main priority remained to restore public order.

This is an absolute disgrace, brought to you by the country that felt a need to look down its nose at the US following Hurricane Katrina. At least we had a natural disaster to blame. The crisis in France is purely of French construction.

The government approved emergency powers last week that went into force on November 9 for 12 days.

On Monday, it agreed on a draft law to extend the measures until February.

The Communist Party plans to boycott the vote and the main opposition Socialists are expected to oppose the law.

A typical left wing response to a crisis. They must be getting advice from Harry Reid.

And now to the root of the problem:

"The government is not serious. They are not doing enough for us ... We don't have a proper cinema, nothing. Nothing is going to change," said a 16-year-old in Clichy-sous-Bois who gave his name only as Ali.

They want movies!