Sunday, October 30, 2005

Worldview from the Left

Let’s summarize the current worldview of Democrats around the nation. Feel free to jump in and fill in anything that I may have missed. I will make this a running post and transpose any decent suggestions into the main post.

1. Bush lied about the war in Iraq. There was only one reason that we went to Iraq, for oil. The whole WMD thing was a lie to justify that war. It was the only legitimate reason for going into Iraq. Minus WMD, the world and the US would have been better off with Saddam Hussein still sitting in Baghdad.

2. Bush has never won a presidential election fairly. When the Supreme Court decided that the state of Florida had to apply the same standard for counting votes across all counties, it became apparent that the fix was on. They pulled a similar vote counting scandal in Ohio in 2004.

3. Joe Wilson is a true American hero. He was simply doing the job asked of him by the CIA. His wife, Valerie Wilson, was uninvolved in the entire debacle, but Republicans attacked her in revenge for the great job that her husband was doing in shining light on the scandalous truth.

4. Global Warming became a problem in the year 2001, when George W. Bush became president. Once he nixed the Kyoto treaty, it became clear that a full frontal assault on the environment was on. Next on the Bush agenda is the complete destruction of the caribou and the majority of the Alaskan wilderness. Bush also caused the current hurricane destruction to the Southeast, perhaps intentionally.

5. In addition to causing the hurricanes, Bush then attacked the poor that were affected by them. It was his intention to keep the dikes in New Orleans weaker than they needed to be so that, when the big one hit, the poor would be affected the most.

6. Bush cut taxes purely to enrich the already rich and bleed the poor. All of that nonsense about helping the economy is a smokescreen to hide the real purpose, the destruction of the lower class. Government enforced redistribution of wealth is the only way to combat such things.

7. Bill Clinton is the greatest president since JFK. His lying under oath is understandable as he was only trying to protect his family. All comparisons to Scooter Libby are irrelevant, as Libby was implementing part of the Bush plan of evil. They just aren’t equivalent. Clinton unfairly had to pay $90k. Libby should have to pay $1.25 million and do 30 years hard time. That junk about sending rocket technology to China is all propaganda. Besides, the Chinese have nothing but good intentions, and once they see the light, will be our best friends.

8. Homelessness is running rampant due to the Bush economic plan. The homeless problem had disappeared during the Clinton administration, but returned with a vengeance beginning in 2001.

9. The United States, at its heart, is evil and imperialistic. Without the UN as the ultimate authority, the US will run rampant over smaller sovereign countries. Just look at Iraq and Afghanistan. Yugoslavia doesn’t count, as there is no oil there. Doesn’t anyone watch Star Trek? We need a federation where all countries have equal input into American foreign and domestic policy.

10. America is losing in Iraq, just like it did in Vietnam. Both quagmires were the fault of Republicans. Sure, JFK got us in to Vietnam and LBJ built it up to its climax, but that’s irrelevant. Besides, the CIA was really in charge. The same is true in Iraq, but the CIA is now the last bastion of truth and goodwill. Thank goodness we took it over.

11. Most Southerners are stupid, not including Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton or John Edwards. Look at the irrational way that so many of them follow Christian religions. They want to take over the world, but they can’t, because they are so stupid. Blind faith by non-Christian religions is acceptable. Even Judaism is ok, so long as they turn over Israel to the Palestinians. No other religions want to take over the World. Muslims are simply misunderstood, and the vast majority wants peace, unlike Christians. George Bush is the leader of the stupid Christians.

12. On that note, the founding fathers intended, through the separation clause, to run any and all references to the God of Abraham out of any institution that receives public funds of any kind. They put that reference to God on the dollar to throw us off. We should all be following Native American religions anyway.

13. The Constitution of the United States is a working document. All of that stuff that the founding fathers wrote was intended to be changed with the times. It is clear that rights such as abortion, are written right in there. Interpreting the Constitution to correct the missteps of Congress is exactly how it is supposed to work. Filibustering is the other way to ensure that the misinformed majority cannot run amok.

14. Any and all behavior is acceptable, so long as someone, somewhere can make a case that it is only through years of indoctrination by the Christian right that the public does not currently accept it.

15. GWB somehow was able to infect all of those birds so that he would be able to wipe out large numbers of people when he finally finds the way to make the virus mutate. 16. Expressing dissent is your patriotic duty. If you do not express dissent toward the government or those who agree in any fashion with the government you are part of Right Wing Facism and are just like Hitler. Free speech is "our right". However, free speech only applies to those who dissent. Otherwise, you are just a mouthpiece for the fascists and must be shouted down. --Oyster

17. Bush isolated US by antagonizing traditional friends (e.g. France and Canada). The coalition of the willing was a sham (especially Australian, Eastern European involvement). --Felis

There’s much more, but I will leave that up to you.

Update: Since I am enjoying this post greatly, and as the sky is falling on the homefront, I think I shall leave it up top for a few days. Enjoy.