Sunday, December 18, 2005

Our Friends in Bolivia

Is another South American Country trending Commie? First Hugo Chavez, now Bolivia. The common theme: Stick it to America!

Bolivian Campaigns Against U.S.

Socialist Evo Morales waved coca branches as he headed to vote Sunday amid jubilant townsfolk who hoped to see him become Bolivia's first Indian president and end a U.S.-backed anti-drug campaign aimed at eradicating their crops.

Opinion polls gave Morales a slim edge over conservative former president Jorge Quiroga, who vowed to stay tough on coca and keep Bolivia on a free-market track…

Morales, 46, held himself out as Washington's “nightmare,” promising to reverse years of U.S.-backed efforts to wipe out coca fields…

And that will turn them from a poor state into a pariah state.

“If (the U.S.) wants relations, welcome. But `no' to a relationship of submission,” Morales said after casting his ballot, talking with journalists where piles of coca leaves were spread atop a Bolivian flag.

He compared the struggle of his Movement Toward Socialism party to those of Indian leaders who fought Spanish conquerers as well as to independence hero Simon Bolivar and socialist icon Che Guevara.

Below is the real problem:

Extreme poverty afflicts about half the population and the unemployment rate is above 9 percent.

Ignorance is a contributor also.

It has become quite common for foreign leaders to run on a campaign of anti-Americanism. From Bolivia to Germany, it is the same theme. This trend ought to be eye opening to those who would internationalize our government. All countries act in their own interest, and right now, many have a common interest in propping themselves up by tearing us down.

If a populace democratically chooses to be Communist, so be it. But don’t think the United States should provide a market for Bolivian drugs.