Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Hillary for the Troops

Does Willie Nelson give tax advice? How about MC hammer on finance? The following is about as laughable.

Sen. Clinton Says Lack of Body Armor is 'Unforgivable'

"We perhaps could have avoided so many of these fatalities with the right body armor,"

Or, perhaps not!

"This is Bush/Cheney policy. … I've been one of the leading critics pointing out all the failures, the incompetencies,"

"I am just bewildered as to how this president and this vice president continue to isolate themselves from different point of views. He's [President Bush has] got three more years in office. Some of us wish this wasn't the case."

"It's our duty to protect our men and women in uniform,"

"They are protecting us, our interest. They have been sent there by our president. The very least we can do is give them the very best body armor and armored vehicle."

I have to wonder if she gave Mr. Clinton an earful like this during his eight year reign. Certainly body armor would last more than the two and a half years between the end of the Clinton rule and the start of the Iraq War. I doubt the factories were pumping out body armor back then.

The idea that Hillary is standing up for the troops could fit well into a Saturday Night Live skit. I will give her this…She is the one democratic presidential hopeful saying the right things to win. It’s too bad that no one can believe a word she spouts.