Monday, June 26, 2006

Stupidity in Foreign Press

From time to time I run across something that I can’t believe is in print. Check out what the Asia Editor for the Times of London thinks about Crazy Kim and his missiles.

Why shouldn't North Korea test the Taepodong?

I can't understand why North Korea shouldn't conduct a long range missile test.

It possesses, and is developing, ballistic missiles (like Britain and the United States). Obviously, it is going to test them - Britain does, and the Americans do too. It may be alarming, but it is hypocrisy to claim that they are not entitled to do so.

And who really is making the world dangerous? Kim Jong Il is not my cup of tea, but I believe that he is a rational man and I can see that he finds himself in a difficult position.

This man is a fool. Its too bad that he has the influence that he has, even if it is with a left wing English rag. These legal/moral equivalency tests regarding North Korea are idiotic. Anyone who believes that Kim is a rational man obviously has no clue.