Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Universal Health Care

I hope Democrats are stupid enough to believe this.

Americans want universal health coverage, group says

This should dovetail nicely with the immigration debate. Give us your tired, your poor, your terrorists and your criminals, and we will give them free healthcare!

The recommendations don't say who would pay for universal health coverage or how much it would cost.

The concept of government-guaranteed coverage runs counter to the Bush administration's position that consumers should bear more responsibility for their initial medical expenses.

Who are they kidding? Isn’t this the ‘free drugs for old people’ president?

"We decided, let's try something else. Let's go to the public and give them a chance, not in terms of writing a bill, but let them provide a kind of general roadmap where the country ought to head," Wyden said.

I thought that was why we had elections.

George Grob, the executive director of the Citizens' Health Care Working Group, said the group was not asked to say specifically how to get to universal coverage. However, the group did recommend that financing strategies be based on principles of fairness and shared responsibility.

Translation: Raise Taxes. Talk about fairness? Two Americas. Tax cuts for the rich. They'll never figure it out.

"We're already paying for health care for everybody who gets it, including people who don't have health insurance coverage who are taken care of when they go to the hospital," Grob said.

...Like the illegal immigrants that use emergency services for health care. This ‘group’ approach for determining the will of the people is weaker than the dreaded poll. I suspect even Democrats won’t fall for it. Run Hillary Run!