Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Immigration Catch Phrases

Below is a list of Immigration Catch Phrases (no pun intended) that are really starting to irritate me. Feel free to let me know if I have forgotten any good ones.

1. Living in the Shadows – There is a very easy way to come out from the shadows. Walk right back where you came from and declare yourself free from shadows.

2. The jobs Americans will not do – I’m not going to take the time to rail against this again. It deserves its own post.

3. Undocumented immigrant/laborer – Oh please, we aren’t that stupid.

4. Nation of Immigrants – Perhaps we should erase the borders and declare ourselves to be an amorphous confederation of wanderers.

5. Comprehensive Immigration Bill/Reform – Let them stay and become citizens or we do nothing about the border. Either way its come one, come all. Screw you American Taxpayer.

6. Militarizing the border – If you don’t like it, go home and complain to the Mexican military/drug runners on your side of the border. See if they can help you.

7. We Are America – Over my cold dead corpse.

8. Legislation that would criminalize illegal immigrants – Call me confused. Is it currently legal to be illegal?

9. A day without Immigrants – Shouldn’t that have been ‘undocumented wandering laborers’? Why limit it to a day?

10. Pay back taxes – How much income tax does one pay on an ‘undocumented worker’s’ salary? I’m thinking that those W2s from the last five years are going to be hard to find.

11. Catch and Release – Large mouth, brim or trout?

12. Pro-Immigration – Pro-Illegal-Immigration

13. Path to Citizenship - Amnesty

14. Guest-Worker Program - Amnesty