Monday, May 15, 2006

It Is Amnesty

My gut reaction to the Bush speech is as follows:

A comprehensive bill which provides a path to citizenship = Amnesty

Since when are crimes committed five years ago no longer crimes? When did we implement a statute of limitations on lawbreaking?

Did we have to throw out that 'jobs Americans are not doing' line again? I mean, perhaps if there weren't droves of illegal immigrants here doing them for $1.50 an hour, AMERICANS COULD DO THEM!

Why wasn't this done right after 9/11?

When is my ATM going to stop asking me what language I speak?

I'm on the national 'Do not call' list. Why are people consistantly calling me and yacking away in foreign languages, only to hang up once they figure out that I don't speak that language?

How many more traffic jams will I have to endure while a parade of future recipients of my taxes walk by waving foreign flags in my face? If people love those flags so much, why are they here?

Why do I have to pay taxes to support the education of illegal immigrants' children? Can I opt out since my own children won't be able to attend those same schools due to the MS13 problem?

Can we lay off of the 'We're all immigrants' lingo? I mean, technically, the Japanese in Japan are immigrants, as well as all Europeans in Europe. What about the Chinese living in Taiwan or the decendants of the Huns. Even Mexicans are the decendants of immigrants to Mexico, whether it was 300 years ago or 3000 years ago. I mean, I don't hear too much complaining about the Normans in lower England these days.

Why do I feel no better now than I did prior to that speech?

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