Thursday, April 14, 2005

Eat Your Heart Out Peter!

This is a baseball day and I will continue my typical rants in a bit. However, it’s the first Opening Day in Washington in 34 years.

In the year 2000, if you had told anyone in DC that in five years the Wizards would be in the playoffs, there would be Major League Baseball at RFK, and Joe Gibbs would be coaching the Redskins, you may have been committed. Well, these are great days for Washington Sports.

I’ll come clean. I’m a transplant to the Washington area and already had my sporting allegiances set. But the Nats, coming to the city now, have given me something besides soccer that I can cheer for in my adopted town. Perhaps our expectations in DC are low, but I am just happy to be watching baseball. DC can worry about winning another day. For now, I shall just take what I have and be thankful for it. How ironic is it that a former owner of the Texas Rangers (formerly the Washington Senators), the team that deserted DC in 1971, would be throwing out the first pitch for the Nationals?

(AP Photo)

And finally, I should thank Peter Angelos for providing a team for me to hate. Everyone needs a villain, and he was nice enough to volunteer.