Saturday, April 16, 2005

Steve and Phil At It Again

Spurrier stoking Vols-Gamecocks rivalry

I can't escape Steve Spurrier. He followed me to Washington. Now he has moved on to coach the most despicable college football team in the country. However, his banter with Phil Fulmer, (the second most annoying coach in football) is hilarious. I will be tracking it. I apologize in advance to the political junkies, but humor and sports are the first and third tenants of this site, so at least I am keeping true to my mission. Here we go:

"I guess at one time somebody accused [Newton] of slapping him or something," Spurrier said Wednesday. "But this was not a full-blown fight. If you want to read about some full-blown fights, read about the Tennessee players, not our guys. We've not had any knockdown, drag-out fights amongst our players."

"I like ol' Phil. Phil's all right," Spurrier told The State of Columbia, S.C. "He's a good guy. We get along fine. It's no big deal. ... I'm glad he said something. I'm glad he's listening to us. In the past, I don't think he'd worry about what a South Carolina coach said, do you?"

He needs to take care of his own house. He's got plenty of issues over there.

"That doesn't bother me one bit," Fulmer said. "He's got plenty to do, I'm sure. Maybe it rained that day and he didn't get to play golf. I don't know."

I have to give this round to Spurrier, only because he got the first shot off.

Update: Nats in Sole Possession of First Place.
(Hey, take what you can, when you can.)
Nats 9, Diamondback 3