Monday, July 18, 2005

Karl Rove Media Frenzy Continues

It seems the Main Stream Media is a glutton for punishment. The Plame story, in which Karl Rove is accused of passing the name of an overt CIA employee from one reporter to another, just won’t die. I regret having to revisit it, but as long as the major media outlets are going to hype a non-story, I am going to continue pointing out how dishonest their presentation of the facts is.

Bush vows to fire anyone who committed crime in CIA leak

Bush Vows To Fire Leak Criminals

Bush Vows to Fire Anyone Who 'Committed a Crime'

Bush says he will fire anyone who breaks law

So what has changed to resurrect this beast? As far as I can tell, only two things. President Bush mentioned that he would fire anyone that broke the law and Scooter Libby may have also passed information about Plame from one reporter to another, just as Rove did. Why are these developments significant? They aren’t, but the press is under tremendous pressure to find a story now that they collectively look like fools for drooling all over the place last week.

It’s obvious that the President would not have made such a comment if he wasn’t quite sure that no law had been broken. Plame was clearly not covert, and her husband, political hack Joe Wilson, admitted as much on CNN, noting that she had not been a “clandestine officer” for six years.

Absent from all of these articles is the scandalous role that Joe Wilson played in the events leading up to the Iraq War. I will re-link the article from the Post from last year, as that publication seems to have forgotten its own reporting.

Plame's Input Is Cited on Niger Mission

All of Wilson’s lies are a part of the public record, but our lofty press continues to ignore that part of the story. Just as in the false Newsweek Koran/Quran burning story, the MSM feels the need to cover there own tracks. Truth has no place in the American media today.