Saturday, July 09, 2005

Enemies of the Site

TSW is about 4 months old now, and I must say that it has been quite a bit of fun. I have done some analysis regarding who receives the brunt of my ire. Before you get your back up, please be aware that I am not comparing Italy to China or Howard Dean to Kim Jong Il. Nor does it indicate any order of relative importance. I am simply counting the number of times each individual, group, country or publication has been the target of the day. The top enemies of the site to date are:

Most Wanted

1. China 14%
2. Newsweek 6.5%
3. Filibustering Democrats 4.5%
3. Osama Bin Laden/Al Qaeda 4.5%
4. Linda Foley 3.75%
4. Italy (Sgrena) 3.75%
4. Blogger 3.75%
5. (Crazy) Kim Jong Il 2.75%
5. Associated Press 2.75%
5. Supreme Court 2.75%
5. Amnesty International 2.75%
5. Howard Dean 2.75%

Second Tier Nuisances

Dick Durbin
Mexican Drug Lords
John Kerry
Peter Angelos
Illegal Immigrants
Steve Spurrier
Hillary Clinton

Other Targets of Interest

Dan Rather
The US Marijuana Party
Judge Greer
Barry Bonds
Bobby Fischer
Ralph Nader
Sandy Berger
OJ Simpson
Phil Fulmer
Al Jazeera
John McCain
Ted Kennedy
LA Times
Al Franken
John Edwards
Democrats (Social Security)
Judge Bataillon
Nancy Pelosi
Washington Post
George Soros
Center on Conscience and War
Robert Byrd
Bill Clinton

This should give you an idea of my priorities. Some of these numbers indicate a running story that captured my attention for multiple days such as Newsweek's slander, Linda Foley's moronic comments or the Sgrena incident. The assaults on Blogger were early on as I was trying to put this site together and pulling my hair out. It has improved in regards to down time in the last two months. I will re-evaluate four months from now.

In Sports:
Nats 0, Phillies 1