Friday, July 08, 2005

Reactions to London Bombing

Tran Sient: “The left wing politicians in Europe will blame America, rather than the terrorists, for this attack.”

I was right to blame Blair, says Galloway

George Galloway: "Silence would be complicity. I am not prepared to be complicit when people in Iraq and London are paying a blood price for Blair's bizarre special relationship with Bush,"

"We must get out of that axis of evil,"

Yeah, I know he's a flake, but it's early yet.

Tran Sient: “Some in the American media will do the same.”

Facing Terror on the Tube

Washington Post Op Ed: Iraq is now filling the role that Afghanistan once filled, as an incubator and training ground for terrorists, most of whom are motivated by a warped sense of Islamic fundamentalism.

That’s subtle, but it is there. Give it a week.

Tran Sient: “Dean, Pelosi and Reid will blame Bush.”

So far Dean remains muzzled.

Dean Condemns London Attacks

"I join all Americans today in offering my condolences to the victims of today's vicious terrorist attacks in London. Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims, their friends and their families. We remain steadfast in our commitment to defeating those who threaten our freedom and values. At a time when world leaders were working together to help make our world a better place, these terrorists were plotting to disrupt that effort by killing and injuring innocent people. We will continue to stand with our allies around the world to defeat terrorism and protect our liberty and freedom."

As does Ms. Pelosi:

Pelosi Statement on the London Terror Attacks

“I extend my condolences to the victims and their families of the horrific and senseless terrorist attacks in London. The thoughts and prayers of all Americans are with the people of Great Britain.

“The actions of cowards against innocent people will not prevail; our resolve to fight terrorism around the world will not be deterred. We join President Bush, Prime Minister Blair, and all the leaders of the G-8 Summit in fighting terrorism."

And Mr. Reid:

Reid Statement on Today's Attacks in London

"I extend my heartfelt condolences to the people of Great Britain, and especially to those in London who endured these depraved acts of terrorism today. These attacks were cruel and senseless acts, committed by cowards who see nothing wrong with targeting innocent civilians.

“I am confident that all Americans are committed to ensuring that this nation does everything it can to help bring justice to those responsible. We also stand in complete solidarity with Prime Minister Blair and President Bush, and all the leaders of the G-8 Summit, who pledged their commitment and resolve to fight and defeat this kind of extremism and hatred wherever it exists in the world.”

Anyone get the feeling that these guys all read the same memo?

In Sports:

Like I needed another reason not to watch the Olympics…

Baseball Strikes Out At Olympics

Baseball and softball weren't big hits among International Olympic Committee members.

Both American-invented sports were dropped Friday from the program for the 2012 Olympics in London — the first events cut from the Summer Games in 69 years. The IOC couldn't immediately agree on their replacements.

I somehow feel insulted by this, but since it was a secret ballot, I’m not entirely sure why. Cowards!

Nats 8, Phillies 7
Braves 2, Brewers 1