Thursday, July 07, 2005

Ramifications of the Attack on London

Everyone knows what happened today in London, so I do not feel the need to provide a link. I think I shall simply opine a bit. I have several points and predictions to make.

1. The British will not react to the attacks today as the Spanish did. Tony Blair would be wise to now double his forces in Iraq to drive home the point that terrorists do not make policy for civilized countries. Britain may actually gravitate back towards America and Australia, where she belongs. If I was British, I think I would prefer Washington over Brussels to guide my policies at this point.

2. The EU could suffer another blow. Part of the problem with Europe is that the free flow of migrants, including sordid terrorist types, is too easy. France, Germany and several others make it simple for Islamists to get in, and once they are in they move very easily between countries.

3. The left wing politicians in Europe will blame America, rather than the terrorists, for this attack. Some in the American media will do the same. Dean, Pelosi and Reid will blame Bush.

4. It is time to stop screwing around with OBL. I am certainly sorry about Muslim sensitivities, but someone needs to scour the country of Pakistan for the top leadership of al Qaeda. If Musharraf can’t or won’t do it, it’s time to apply some serious pressure. If that action causes someone to hate us, so be it. Odds are that they already hated us. If he is not there, scour the whole damned World.

5. It is only a matter of time before this happens in America. Anyone who reads this blog knows that I have been harping on our open borders for quite some time. I won’t go into details, but read the last three days of posts if you want them. Australians need to keep their heads down as well, though Autralia does not suffer borders with nonchalant countries who host multiple terror cells and other assorted thugs.

6. All of the whining about Gitmo looks pretty stupid right now.

7. The War in Iraq and the War on Terror have become one over the last year. This bombing, and the claim by Al Qaeda that it is because of the War in Iraq officially seals the deal in my mind. Never mind why we are there, we are there. If the jihadist nutcases want to fight us there, so be it.

8. Al Qaeda certainly would consider the United States as target number one. Someone in government should be commended as we have gone three and a half years without an attack. London was a softer target. The coordinated efforts of the FBI, CIA, DHS, DoD and other government agencies have not allowed terror cells to plant and fester in this country. All of this will be undone if we do not secure the borders, as Canada and Mexico provide perfectly functional jump off points for terror operations in the US.

9. And finally, the UN will not lift a finger to help Britain.

It is time to redouble our efforts in the War on Terror. If today's events do not count as ‘writing on the wall’ for you, then I suggest just turning yourself over to Al Qaeda and get it over with. The naive unwashed hoards in this country had better come to terms with the fact that there is a fairly serious, yet low intensity, war being waged around the world by those that would kill us all. No one is going to look out for the United States other than the United States.

Long live Tony Blair. Long live Britain. Long live the United States of America.