Saturday, July 02, 2005

Warm Up the Nukes, It's Filibuster Time

I am looking forward to a good old fashioned barroom style brawl. With the retirement of Sandra Day O’Conner, we should be seeing some action in the next couple of weeks. Dems, please, please filibuster. To quote John Kerry “Bring it on!”

Bush Faces Pivotal Choices in Court Pick

‘President Bush could rein the court to the right by nominating a bedrock conservative to replace the retiring Justice Sandra Day O'Connor.’

Which is precisely what he should do. Remember Kelo!

The question is, how far to the right will the post-O'Connor court be?

However far it takes to return the Constitution to its rightful place as the law of the land, not the working document that the Court has turned it into. The Republicans have a wonderful opportunity to bring the Supreme Court back into the world of the sane and kill the filibuster once and for all.

Below is one of the more moronic quotes I have heard:

"Will politics be considered?" said Berenson, a former Supreme Court clerk.

What do you think?

"It is dramatically different with O'Connor retiring," Ralph Neas, president of the liberal People for the American Way, said Saturday. "Replacing the conservative O'Connor with a right-wing ideological would be a constitutional catastrophe.

I can’t for the life of me understand how Democrats get away with comments like this, and even get them in print. How on God’s Green Earth could anyone think that putting a constitutional constructionist on the court would be a ‘constitutional catastrophe’? What he means is that it would be catastrophic to the left’s attempt to extend the Constitution to mean whatever they want it to mean. How horrible to read the Constitution for what it actually says. I dare someone to invoke the Founding Fathers.

"A right-wing appointment could turn back the clock seven decades on so many fundamental rights and liberties and legal protections that most Americans think are theirs forever," Neas said. "These are rights and liberties and protections that could disappear overnight if a right-wing majority takes control of the court."

Ahh, the old ‘turn back the clock’ phrase. I thought we were done with that after the 2000 election.

Liberals say that given O'Connor's swing position on the court, Bush must choose a moderate conservative.

There you go again, telling someone whom you have no power over what he must do. Well I never! I think I’ll faint.

But American University historian Allan J. Lichtman says naming an extremely conservative nominee could backfire on the president because it might prompt Justice Anthony M. Kennedy, a moderate conservative who also has been a swing vote on the court, to inch away from the right.

I must say that this confuses me. Does Kennedy change the way he thinks based on the makeup of the court?

Here is a group that seriously needs to change the way they think, while having nothing to do with makeup.

O'Connor Retirement Sparks NOW March

The president of the National Organization for Women declared a "state of emergency" for women's rights and planned a march on the state Capitol as news of Sandra Day O'Connor's retirement reverberated through the group's annual convention.

A ‘state of emergency'! Hide the women and children! Err, hide the children…um, hide the male children!

NOW president Kim Gandy told about 800 NOW members Friday that women need to send a message that they won't tolerate "extremist" judges who set back women's rights.

Gasp! NOW won’t tolerate it. Hang it up Bush. Nothing short of a Ginsburg clone will be tolerated. How intolerant. By the way, ‘women’s rights’ = abortion for those not tuned in.

"Hell no, we won't go"..."We won't go back."

I think this is referring to that clock again.

"We were effective in the 70s, and we're effective now," Dempsey said. "But there has been a backlash. Most young women don't know about NOW these days. If NOW is visible and relevant where they (young members) live, that's what makes NOW powerful."

Wrong. Most young women do know. And that is your problem. Keep living the delusion.

In Sports:
Nats 4, Cubs 2
I smell another sweep.
I saw the Potomac Nats tonight and Vidro looked pretty healthy to me. Hoping he is back in the lineup soon.

Braves 3, Phillies 6