Friday, July 15, 2005

Karl Rove Vindicated

Everyone and their brother knows that Karl Rove has been vindicated, so I will not re-bore you with the details. What I want to see now is for the main stream media to run this story to ground. I realize that many major news outlets, most prominently the New York Times, look incredibly stupid at the moment, but a greater purpose would be served if they do not allow this to drop out of view.

Source: Rove said reporters told him of CIA operative's identity

We now know that Karl Rove relayed what he learned from one reporter to another. Here is a newsflash for the less informed:

Relaying information obtained from Robert Novak is not a security violation. Similarly, relaying information you obtained from another reporter to Robert Novak is not a security violation.

Whichever reporter Rove got his information from first doesn’t really matter at this point. As I have been saying, the real story revolves around Joseph Wilson and Valerie Plame, or Mrs. Wilson as her husband likes to call her.

Here is what gripes me. When, briefly and quite erroneously, it appeared as though Rove may have had something to do with the original leak, the main stream media went into a dizzying spin. I predicted two days ago that they were heading off of a cliff and never got a reasoned response from one lib. All I heard was that somehow I had received GOP talking points and that some sort of massive cover-up was underway. Though I am honored that so many think that I am somehow connected enough to receive GOP insider planning memos, I can assure you that I am not. What is sad is that all it took was a simple reading of what had happened over the last three years in regards to this situation. It was right there for anyone to see. And what is amazing is that so many members of MSM were lapping it up. Scott McClellan endured three days of press lunacy, and all for nothing. The media made the assumption of guilt before finding any connection whatsoever between Rove and the original leak.

That brings me to my next point. Someone did leak some information to Robert Novak and we do not know who that person is. I suspect that Judy Miller might know, and perhaps the management at the New York Times, but the rest of us remain quite interested. If the main stream media would like to retain a shred of credibility, they will not allow this story to drop into the black hole of stories that don’t conform to what they want to hear.

In addition, the media continue to allow Joe Wilson to act as though he were an honest broker of information in this case. All of the data proving the he is a lying political hack is a part of the public record. And seeing him grandstand with Chuck Schumer almost makes me believe that this was part of a plan from the beginning. I guess, if the MSM/DNC alliance can have a conspiracy theory absent of proof, then so can I.

And finally, more information on Valerie Plame came out today supporting my assertion that she was nothing more than a desk riding analyst.

Rove fight escalates

"She made no bones about the fact that she was an agency employee and her husband was a diplomat," Fred Rustmann, a covert agent from 1966 to 1990, told The Washington Times.

"Her neighbors knew this, her friends knew this, his friends knew this. A lot of blame could be put on to central cover staff and the agency because they weren't minding the store here. ... The agency never changed her cover status."

In addition, Mrs. Plame hadn't been out as an NOC since 1997, when she returned from her last assignment, married Mr. Wilson and had twins, USA Today reported yesterday.

This information combined with her pictures in Vanity Fair and her part in Joe Wilson’s biography should convince even the most ardent partisan that Valerie Plame is not what the MSM has been claiming.

But this story is far from over. Wilson needs to be crushed by the same press that he made a fool of. Plame needs to come clean with her real status at the CIA in 2003. We already know what it was, but I want to hear it from her. We would all like to know who the government leak to Novak was, and we may find that out one day. We also would like to know who Judy Miller and the New York Times are protecting. Sadly, what is going to happen is that the majority of the MSM will drop this story as fast as possible now that Karl Rove is no longer in the cross hairs.

In the mean time, stories revolving around China’s first strike nuclear intentions and the slashing of promised funding for Border Patrol agents have been all but lost. And all because the media thought they had Karl Rove against the ropes. 'Pathetic' is the only word that comes to mind.

In Sports:

Nats 3, brewers 4
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