Thursday, August 04, 2005

Airborne Laser Test Completed

Remember the ridicule that Ronald Reagan endured from the left for his SDI plan? Well, it isn’t a satellite, but the reality of a laser defense against ballistic missile attack seems to be taking shape.

Ballistic Missile Defense: Airborne laser passes tests

Boeing has completed passive flight testing of its missile-killing Airborne Laser, or ABL, the company announced Wednesday.

Boeing Integrated Defense System Wichita originally modified a 747 for the Airborne Laser program that is designed to detect, track and destroy ballistic missiles.

"With each testing increment, the ABL Team is making steady progress in bringing the ABL into the hands of the warfighter to defend against ballistic missile threats."

Imagine the possibilities. The Chinese ballistic missile threat could be eliminated in one fell swoop. The threat of nuclear war might be drastically reduced, at least from ballistic missiles. Even the most ardent peacenik surely would not protest a fleet of anti nuke 747s. China’s one threat against the US mainland might be neutralized. Not to mention the threat from North Korea, Iran and various other rogue nations working the nuke angle. I know it’s a pipe dream, but it seems possible. One can hope. For more information, check out the Boeing site.

Airborne Laser

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