Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Bob Byrd Swoons Over Roberts

Supreme Court Nominee John Roberts received an odd plug Friday.

Roberts, Sen. Byrd hit it off

Occasionally, strange events occur in the world of politics. This has got be near the top of the list.


U.S. Sen. Robert Byrd says he feels a kindred spirit in Supreme Court nominee John G. Roberts, who shares Byrd's interests in the Constitution, Cicero and John Marshall.

"I was favorably impressed."

Hide the moonshine!

"I like him."

How sweet. Howard Dean is going to be jealous, but it's nothing some flowers and a nice gun rack won't fix.

"The Bush administration tactic of shipping Roberts around is really quite different from what it has done on many policy issues," Brisbin said.

"It might not just signal that they want Roberts confirmed, but that they've suddenly realized they're getting nothing through Congress because they're not working with Congress."

Translation: Even though we are in the minority, we feel we should be in the majority, therefore, we act as though we are by using our sole link to power, the filibuster.

"He showed a great interest in the history of our country, the history of the Constitution, a great interest in classical history," Byrd said. "He spoke of Cicero, he spoke of the framers, and we seemed to have a kindred spirit as we talked along these lines."

Did he speak of 1945 West Virginia?

"I'm not disinclined," he said. "To use an old quotation, the jury is still out. He had a fair hearing here. He was appreciative of it. He acquitted himself admirably."

I’m a little foggy here. What exactly did that mean?

"He demonstrates an independence as I think I feel an independence - I have views of my own"

True. TSW highlighted them last month: Robert Byrd Attempts to Rewrite History

This ought to set off the wacko left. It turns out that Mr. Byrd has an election coming up. I sense an ‘every man for himself’ strategy taking shape in the Democratic Party.

In Sports:
Nats 4, Dodgers 5
Nats drop 11th one run game in a row.