Sunday, April 17, 2005

Chinese Racism and Nationalism

The Middle Kingdom mentality

It is rare that I agree with The Guardian, but once in a while they surprise me. The above linked article is one of the better critiques on Chinese attitudes towards other races and cultures that I have read. Much of it mirrors my own thoughts on the subject.

On Condoleezza Rice’s visit:

‘describing Rice as a "black ghost", "black dog", "black woman" and "black bitch". One stated, "You are not even like a black ghost, a really low form of life," and another, "Her brain is even more black than her skin." One writer said: "I don't support racism, but this black ghost really makes people angry, the appearance of a little black who has made good."’

On the rest of the World:

‘Chinese people commonly believe they are superior to those of darker skin. The attitude towards whites, as Liu points out in his article, is much more complex. They tend to acknowledge the historical achievements of the west, but at the same time resent western hegemony and despise aspects of western culture, many believing that at some point in the future the innate virtue of Chinese civilisation will again assert itself.’

Please take the time to read the entire article. I am sure it will be eye opening for those not entirely familiar with what is going on in China today.

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