Friday, June 10, 2005

House Democrats Push Amnesty ‘gulag’ View

'The Republican chairman walked off with the gavel, leaving Democrats shouting into turned-off microphones at a raucous hearing Friday on the Patriot Act.'

GOP Chairman Walks Out of Meeting

I listened to the majority of this hearing. Democrats were not the least bit interested in discussing the Patriot Act. They used the opportunity to grandstand the Amnesty International position on Gitmo as a ‘gulag’.

‘Sensenbrenner declared that much of the testimony, which veered into debate over the detainees at Guantanamo Bay, was irrelevant.’

I can vouch for that. They had to toss in Abu Ghraib as well. The moral equivalence is amazing. Not one bit of outrage was expressed by the Dems over the various beheadings, or 911 itself. All of the Democrats anger is pointed at this country and none at the enemy. In fact, they see the enemy as victims. Its only a matter of time before they blame Bush for 911 itself.

‘Democrats asked for the hearing, the 11th the committee has held on the act since April, saying past hearings had been too slanted toward witnesses who supported the law. The four witnesses were from groups, including Amnesty International…’

It seems they are in agreement with Amnesty that American actions at Gitmo are the equivalent of a Soviet gulag. I was outraged last week over the Amnesty report which made this claim. Now that I have heard Representatives of my country make the same claim, it’s hard to do anything but laugh. Part of me is angry, but the other part is very happy that Democrats are following Howard Dean’s lead. Perhaps the whole filibuster issue will be dead following the 2006 elections as Democrats continue to bury themselves. I smell a Republican supermajority in the Senate.

'House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi, in a statement, said the hearing was an example of Republican abuse of power and she would ask House Speaker Dennis Hastert to order an apology from Sensenbrenner.'

Let me get this straight. Democrats accuse our own military of torture in a House hearing and Pelosi wants an apology? Unbelievable! Democrats requested a hearing on the Patriot Act and scarcely brought it up. They continually berate President Bush over the act, but when given a chance to discuss it, they attempted to carry Amnesty International’s water. I don’t blame Sensenbrenner for walking out.

In Sports:

Nats 9, Mariners 3
Nats take 8th consecutive win.

Braves 4, As 6