Thursday, June 02, 2005

Washington Post Promotes Cowardice

It’s one thing to be a conscientious objector. It’s quite another to promote the abuse of the rule and encourage its use by people who are not.

After 30 Years, Draft Fears Rise (Account Required, sometimes)

'In their Ellicott City kitchen, Jeff Amoros's parents handed their son the Selective Service registration form that arrived shortly after his 18th birthday. For them, it evoked dark memories of the Vietnam era. For Amoros, it meant: "I'm old enough to die for my country now."'

Yeah, so sign the card, send it back and do your little part rather than sit around and criticize those that volunteer to take your safety on their shoulders.

‘At a Montgomery County Friends meeting house, peace activist J.E. McNeil explained to an audience how to convince draft boards that they are conscientious objectors. "Let me tell you why I think there's going to be a draft," she said.’

Well, J.E. McNeil has established that she is clueless. I should have guessed this would come out of Montgomery County. What’s gotten in the water over there?

‘"virtually any move taken by Selective Service is seen in many quarters as clear evidence that a draft is imminent."’

I think these people want a draft just so that they can have more reason to complain.

‘She told the audience of about 25…’

Audience of 25! Now that’s a real populist movement. It is certainly worth coverage by one of our major press outlets. Not one person in the picture of this meeting looks to be under 40. Nice job Post of giving these traitors more publicity than they deserve. It is truly brave to encourage others to be cowards. As a point of interest, none of these folks look to be descendants of William Penn.

‘The key to convincing a draft board, she said, is to document the objections before conscription is ever reinstated.’

This should give you an excellent excuse to smoke lots of weed. Hey, thanks for doing your part. Oh, and by that way, thanks for waiting until the end of the article to let everyone know where the current round of Selective Service registration got its start…

‘So the agency continues to stay ready, as it has since 1980, when President Jimmy Carter and Congress revived registration as a show of force after the Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan.’

It’s a good thing ole Jimmy never had to call on these folks. I wonder, if I get 25 people in my basement, will the Washington Post send someone out to cover it? I guess only cowards get that privilege.

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