Sunday, May 29, 2005

Which is the Greatest Threat to America?

It must be Hillary’s week. She won the first Tran Sient’s Watch poll in which there were 100 responses to the question:

Which is the Greatest Threat to America?

Hillary Clinton 32%

Chinese Expansion 20%

Unrestrained Immigration 17%

Middle East Conflicts 12%

Other 12%

Global Warming 10%

This was possibly the most unscientific poll ever taken as repeat votes were allowed, though limited to one per day. Hillary took the prize even as I voted for China 5 times myself. For all of you Hillary fans, you should be heartened to know she is a participant in the new poll, so have at it. The new poll will remain up until such time as there are at least 100 responses. I apologize in advance for the pop ups, but I donated the $23 pop up ridance fee to the tsunami victims, so consider it your sacrifice for a good cause.

Other Stuff:

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The story, however, omits the real question...did it get to the other side?