Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Therapeutic Ranting

Please pardon me for a day. No current events, just some therapy for myself. I have to do this at times to keep my balance. Feel free to join in.

1. Bush did not lie. He was wrong, not about invading Iraq, but in that he used WMD to market it. He didn’t need to. Democrats are fond of saying ‘Bush Lied’ because it makes them feel better about Bill Clinton.

2. Dean, Pelosi and Reid are honest people. They are far out whack-jobs, but at least they speak their minds. Most Democrats today agree with these three. Most Americans do not. Hillary plays whatever tune will get her elected.

3. The UN is about as useful as Heaven’s Gate in regards to its effectiveness when confronted with tough international issues. Leave the charitable parts intact. Use the UN general assembly as a place to meet, and nothing more. Those that believe the UN represents the foundation of a World government have been watching too much Star Trek.

4. Linda Foley, Dan Rather, Eason Jordan and Michael Isikoff are not fringe writers working for small publications. They are the media establishment. They represent the overriding sentiment within the American mainstream media today.

5. China is the number one international challenge that America will face this century. Their fanatical desire to possess Taiwan will not be mollified with talk and resolutions. The next generation will wonder why we made China rich enough to arm themselves to the teeth, as well as every crackpot dictator in the region.

6. Social Security is a bad deal and a losing investment. It’s not a good pension plan either.

7. Immigration is good for America. Out of control illegal immigration is detrimental. Our refusal to enforce our own laws makes us no more effective at protecting ourselves than the UN is at protecting the World.

8. Religion is not evil. Separation of Church and State is established in the Constitution to prohibit a state run religion and to keep America from becoming a theocracy. Erasing every vestige of religion on federal, state or municipal property is not mentioned. The ‘right wing’ religious types’ greatest offense is poor taste in clothing. There is no equivalence to Al Qaeda, though the mad mullahs are equally guilty of poor taste in clothing.

9. Universities, the main stream press and Hollywood combine to form the greatest propaganda machine since the fall of the USSR. They provide cradle to grave indoctrination. Most of us just want an education, news and entertainment. As the First Amendment dictates, they have every right to do this. We have every right not to believe one phrase they utter. Fortunately, many Americans wake up once they begin to pay taxes, serve their country or just mature.

10. All Republicans are not religious. All Republicans are not Christians. All Republicans are not white. All Republicans are not men. Labeling all Republicans as such is offensive to millions who do not fit any of the above descriptions. Even so, religious, white, male conservatives can be good people too.

There, I feel so much better now.