Monday, June 06, 2005

Tag...Apologize in Advance

I’ve been tagged by Sailor in the Desert. I have to answer these questions and turn it around to five more.

(1) Number of books you own: 1,000, Maybe more.

(2) Last book bought: In Harm's Way. An account of the sinking of the USS Indianapolis by Douglas Stanton

(3) Last book I read: Not counting software books, Schindler’s List. Someone left it out for the taking, so I took it.

(4) Five books that mean a lot to me: In no particular order

Still Life with Woodpecker (I like Tom Robbins, Who’da thunk it?)


Lord of the Flies

The Stand – I still have bad dreams about Flagg, 20 years later.

December 6 (Yes, that’s the title) – Martin Cruz Smith

Tag, you’re it.

Birth of a Neocon

Boston Crone’s Haven

Outside the Blogway

Righting America

Noble Savage

I hope you guys continue to visit despite this.