Monday, August 08, 2005

UPI Gives Voice to Crazed Leftist

Left Wing NYU Professor Alon Ben Meir finds his way into the UPI column ‘Outside View’ today with a nice example of left wing lunacy. These are always fun to pick apart.

Wasting America's morality

For the United States to maintain global leadership, it must earn the moral authority to lead.

Translation: Cow tow to the United Nations and the European left.

Six empires fell during the 20th century -- the Ottoman, British, French, Japanese, German, and the former Soviet Union. If there were a single common denominator that precipitated their collapse, it was the inability to pursue global objectives with a strong moral component.

Hmm, and here I thought that their inability to defeat opposing military powers was the cause.

As long as this administration refuses to admit to its mistakes and to pursue its current policies, specifically relating to Iraq, the so-called war on terrorism, the proliferation of WMD, and human rights, America's star will steadily dim.

If only the Germans had admitted their mistakes, the World under Hitler would have been bearable. Had Hirohito admitted his mistakes, his country might not have been ruined. We should abandon our ‘so called’ war on terrorism immediately.

The administration deliberately lied to the American public about Iraq's WMD.

Bush Lied!

The war and the occupation have energized Islamic radicals, with Iraq providing a training ground for more lethal and sophisticated terrorists who will haunt the West and the Middle East for decades to come.

Islamist radicals were in serious need of motivation prior to the war. Those lackadaisical attacks on New York and Washington proved that the movement, as a whole, was losing steam.

Incoming obligatory Abu Ghraib reference:

Administration officials criticize other nations of human rights abuses while Americans in charge abuse Iraqi prisoners at Abu Ghraib.

Incoming obligatory Gitmo reference:

Although the administration condemned the abuses at Abu Ghraib and punished some of the perpetrators, the condemnation seems hollow when at the same time it castrates suspects imprisoned in Guantanamo beyond the reach of legal recourse. Amnesty International aptly calls this the "Gulag of our time"?

So now we are castrating terrorists. No wonder it’s the ‘Gulag of our time’. Once again, forgotten is the fact that ‘legal recourse’ will lead to certain death for most of the Taliban and al Qaeda members held at Gitmo.

How does an administration that condemns violence, especially indiscriminate violence, drop napalm bombs on combatants, killing scores of civilians in the process in Fallujah?

Holy Frijoles, Napalm! This piece is full of wonderful new information. It’s a good thing the students at NYU are getting all of these facts from the good professor.

…the entire Middle East wants home-grown democratic forms of government developed in its own pace and time.

Yes, the Middle East has been edging towards democracy for years, that is, until the US stopped them! Outrageous!

Incoming obligatory Halliburton reference:

Finally, the awarding to Halliburton of a no-bid contract to build a $30 million new prison in Guantanamo represents a dazzling new level of chutzpah.

Those guys were perfectly happy standing out in the rain. I mean, come on! They’ve been living in caves for goodness sakes. It was simply scandalous to build them a prison. Next thing you know, they’ll be getting their own Korans, and at taxpayers’ expense no doubt.

And now for the coup de grace:

I believe in America's inner strength, the ingenuity of its people, and the core values of the Constitution.

He’s all for the Constitution! Yet another first from the left. That’s three in one article.

The entire piece is an exercise in self loathing, Bush hating, false reality and stupidity. It’s no wonder that we can’t have an honest debate on the war or anything else, when the waters are so muddied by those who give us the ‘truth’. It is somewhat disturbing that the man gets the first crack at our youth with this garbage, but so long as it isn’t on the public dole, I can live with it. If people want to send their children to Indoctrination U. who am I to stop them? Long live the free market. And thanks to the UPI for providing the platform.

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