Monday, April 18, 2005

Aljazeera Tossed from Iran

Aljazeera regrets Iran suspension
(Warning, Link to Aljazeera site. If you don’t want to up their traffic, don’t click here.)

How hilarious is that!

"While Aljazeera Channel regrets this unexpected and unwarranted decision, it reiterates its intention to continue to be guided in its editorial policy by its ever present professional ethos 'the opinion and the other opinion' enshrined in its Code of Professional Ethics," Ballout said in a statement.

Oh the Mullahs are going to love that. A search on the site for their ‘Code of Professional Ethics’ turned up nothing. I did, however, find the following job announcement:

Air-condition Technicians Duties: To be responsible for air-conditioning - especially chiller type - maintenance, including control circuits, compressors and operating systems. Good knowledge in chiller mechanical parts essential.

Qualifications & Experience:
1. Diploma in the air-conditioning
2. Minimum nine years relevant experience
3. Experience of air conditioning and electrical systems at TV studios preferred
4. Good spoken and written English
5. Maximum 32-years-old

I’ll have to get them to wave the age restriction. It must not take too long to get a Diploma in the air-conditioning, considering you have to be under 32 and have 9 years of experience.

In Sports:
Nats getting pounded in the 7th. Unless there is a dramatic turn around, we won't be speaking of it again.