Sunday, May 08, 2005

No Middle Ground in Germany?

German neo-Nazi march stopped on WW2 anniversary

Does Germany have a center right? Does Germany have a center? I admit ignorance on the subject. It seems to me that to be German in the year 2005, one must believe in a bloated socialist labor system or be a Nazi. Is there not a middle ground in Germany? I don't mean the exact center or what we would call a moderate. Just something between Socialist and Fascist.


Holding one of their biggest rallies ever -- thanks to constitutional free speech guarantees -- the far-right then stayed at the Alexanderplatz square, where there were some scuffles with leftists who got close to barricades.

The extremists with shaven heads and black clothing were required to pass through tight police screening to the rally.

"There are unfortunately incorrigibles still among us who want a return to the racism and right-wing extremism," Koehler said. "But they don't have a chance."

And these guys want a seat on the Security Council. Oh well, China has one.